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Web Hopper (*1) is an interWeb site that enables you to visualize your Web hopping and that of other Net users (*2). The interface shows your trail crossing the world as a red line and those of other users as blue lines (*3).

*Dec. 25,1996 : Now we continue to develop the Web Hopper's program. Some of the following is not available yet. Thank you for your understanding.

(*1) To enjoy this JAVA applet page, you need higher versions than Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0.
(*2) The map data takes a few minutes to load -- dependent upon your connection speed -- because of the JAVA applets. After loading, the access speed of the Web hopping trail will be slower for Macintosh users.
(*3) The trails show Web hopping via the backbone of the WIDE Project circuits going overseas. Users of other networks are not represented on this site.
(*4) The blue lines do not show up in all http packets. Excess information is omitted due to a programming load problem.
(*5) Web Hopper cannot be seen from a firewall because JAVA applets receive longitude/latitude information from the server via the socket. Try connecting your socket to port80, backbone.sensorium.org.

The inside story of Web Hopper

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