Mariyo Yagi@KOBE
A Living Rope
That Connects Us All

@Winter 1996

In November 1995, Mariyo Yagi, a Kobe-born artist, installed a huge rope in the grounds of a shrine in the area of Higashi-Nada, one of the worst hit areas of the quake. Yagi enlisted the help of Kobe residents to make the rope out of some 10,000 used T-shirts and other pieces of clothing. On the first anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, she performed a ritual burning of the rope to console the souls of those who perished in the quake. We interviewed her just after the ritual.

Interview with Yagi

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Time to Spontaneously Unite

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Getting the Rope to Stand Up Is the Hard Part

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Earth's Umbilical Cord Is a Part of the Universe

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Ropes Are Endless

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