Living with CometsF Tsuruhiko Kiuchi—Nagano / Summer 1996
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Distance between Swift-Tuttle comet and Kiuchi (earth): approximately 1,566,300,000 km.

Diamond ring.

The sun is eaten.
October 24, 1995 Kiuchi observes total solar eclipse in Thailand.

"It was sacred moment, taking about two-and-a-half minutes. It was my first total solar eclipse.
The wind began rustling, and the birds got excited, and slowly darkness set in. The temperature dropped around seven degrees. I could still see the sun, but it was a black sun. I understood the fear attached to viewing the eclipse, which for a long time we were told we should not do. In Thailand, the eclipse signifies chasing away of the devil, so they celebrated with fireworks.
The sun consumed the bad spirits. It was incredible."