Living with CometsF Tsuruhiko Kiuchi—Nagano / Summer 1996
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Swift-Tuttle comet and Kiuchi to meet in approximately 4,380,000,000 km.
April 14, 1977 Kiuchi has a near-death experience.

"It is not a simple story to explain. If I tell it, I have to explain seriously and in detail."

Then, . Kiuchi told the story at length. Stricken with an unknown illness, his heart and breathing stopped for about 30 minutes. Until then, he was in great agony, and was told he had only one week to live. On that day, everything went dark, and he experienced a number of sensations. He felt as if he was stuck in a swirling pool of mud. Then he entered a world of light and saw various scenes. The next he knew, he was outside of himself, looking in, providing a sense of escape. He felt as though he could conquer the limits of time and space, and go anywhere he wanted.

"When I came to, I started to think. What am I? What is my purpose in life? Everyone has a mission; what is mine? Through my near-death experience, I saw a future world in which I existed, but I cannot clearly remember what I was doing. However, I believe that part of what I am today derives from person I saw at that time."