Living with CometsF Tsuruhiko Kiuchi—Nagano / Summer 1996
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Swift-Tuttle comet and Kiuchi to meet in approximately 5,539,700,000 km.
August 1968 Kiuchi shows stars to other people.

"Today, if you look at a certain star in the western sky, you know that that is where the earth was yesterday. It is fun to think that it has moved all this way."

"When I am impressed by something,
I like to share the experience with others, so they will also be impressed. In those days, I was in the Astronomy Club (with members from high school students to people in business). There was only one telescope available. I asked the teacher if we could hold a star-gazing event. We made posters and displayed them throughout the town. Around 200 people showed up. Watching other people become impressed caused me to become more impressed.
Among them was one man of about 90 years of age, who said he wanted to see the moon once before he dies. He was born in the Meiji Period and was interested in stars, but that was an era when such pursuits were impossible. I remember his tears of joy as he viewed the moon."