Living with CometsF Tsuruhiko Kiuchi—Nagano / Summer 1996
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Swift-Tuttle comet and Kiuchi to meet in approximately 6,063,300,000 km.
August 1963 Kiuchi views Saturn using a telescope he made from a magnifying glass.

"I was a mischievous lad. At the age of six, I made my mother very angry one day. Sulking, I went to sleep on an embankment while looking up at the sky. When I awoke, the sun was setting. A light, probably Venus, appeared, and the sky gradually changed colors, from orange to scarlet, then blue, and the stars quickly came out. I said it was incredible, like I was the only person in the universe. I think that experience got me started."

"I was always asking questions why? what? and so on and my nickname became
' Why Why Boy.' I was the youngest of five children and did not receive much attention, so I investigated everything and made things myself. In my third year of elementary school, I read an article for Children's Science (an educational magazine for elementary school students) on how to make a telescope. I made it by following someone else's example. I used it to look at the moon and Venus. I was very impressed."