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The inside story of Night and Day

When sensorium began in 1996, there were but a handful of WebCams throughout the world. As of June 1998, however, there are countless (at least 3000) WebCams open on the Internet, approximately half of which are running on semi real-time.

Each and every place has its own local time.
There is also an everflowing form of macro time.

"Night and Day" emerged in January l998 after Tom Vincent, director of the art site nmp's English language version, expressed an interest in collaborating with sensorium. The entire production process, the making of "Night and Day", has been documented by Mr. Vincent in an article for nmp.

(*1: Permission for use of cam imagery has been granted from the master cam of each site shown.)

(*2: Cam sites selected are not aligned along the same latitudinal axis; they are distributed at various points north and south. For this reason, discrepancies in timing of dawn and dusk may appear in adjacent longitudinal zones. This is a phenomenon of the angle of the earth's axis it orbits the sun, thus, except for the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, the boundaries between night and day hit the earth's surface at an angle from north to south.
The screen at the right is a real-time document of shadow and light (night and day) as it is presently cast on the earth's surface provided by the WebCam link site DCN. We are indebted to DCN's work in assisting our search for cam sites for "Night and Day."

Side attraction:
sensorium would like to introduce the following cam sites discovered during the production of "Night and Day":

Real Fridge Cam
A WebCam located inside the refrigerator of a Scandinavian home the shutter to which is the refrigerator door.
Colal Cam
A camera in a giant fish tank at the Waikiki aquarium. Still shots are shown at ten-second intervals.
Words typed on this Web page appear on a LCD signboard in Amsterdam.
Del Mar, California
Another server-push cam site showing approaching waves and surfers.
Bird Feeder, Colorado
Yes, there are numerous bird feeder cam sites, but this one is located at an altitude of 8,400 feet!
Elephant Cam
Animal observation is a genre in itself. Check out the elephant cam, however, at The National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
Western Wall, Jerusalem
Imagery of visitors before the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
New York City from street
Scenes of New York as seen from the front of a moving car. Probably not real-time, but updating is frequent. Good fun.
Mt. Everest Today
Imagery from the base of Mt. Everest via the Inmarsat satellite. Updated once every few days.
Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
"Night and Day" was not granted permission to use this site, (unfortunatly), but they did cheer us on.
LIVECAM at Koh Samui
Do to instability, "Night and Day" was regrettably unable to invite this site's participation.
GateCam, San Francisco
A camera viewing the Golden Gate Bridge from the residential highlands along the Pacific.
Chicago / Las Vegas
The American Midwest is truly flat! Sunsets are spectacular.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the work of the following cam sites: Mark & Maria's Internet Presence, Amazing Window Cam, EarthCam, ConnecTV (which enabled us to incorprate each site through a small window on a rotating basis) and, aboveall, DCN . We empathize with author of Nationwide Weather's (Japanese) intent "to give [people, at a glance, a comprehensive] sense of the nation's weather".

"Night and Day" est. June 1998 / Copyright (c)1998 sensorium

NISHIMURA Yoshiaki / ETO Koichiro / HIGASHIIZUMI Ichiro / HARUKI Yumiko / Tom Vincent (nmp)
Pamela Virgilio / TAKEMURA Shin'ichi


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