But the man who grew the tomatoes had not used any special material or method, no chemical additives or biotechnological tricks. This wise man had simply nurtured his giant tomato plant by taking advantage of the air and water in a method called "hyponica." It doesn't even involve setting a plant in the soil.

He remarked:
"It's no miracle. It's just because we had not understood the essence of life. A plant's potential is far greater than we think. The same could be said about human life."

That tomato plant became the yardstick for our new self-recognition of ourselves and the life of the planet. The tomato plant went beyond being a means of increasing food production...it inspired a complete transformation of our view of life.

The wise man danced quietly in sympathy with the information- cosmos of each tree and blade of grass. He listened closely to their subtle vibrations, and thus came to know the secrets of life.