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(2000.02.17 to 2000.03.04)

The data (about 250k) you are loading is a visualization of earthquakes that have happened worldwide over the past 14 days. Two days are shown per second. The animated data is updated every other day. We thank the WWW site creators for providing real-time data for this earthquake observation network. :-)
This animated data is not scientifically consistent, and should not be used for academic purposes. [sensorium staff]

* Please wait until the data starts to loop one-by-one after loading the animated gif (28 frames).

Some people are sensitive to earthquakes but others are not. Sometimes, the TV news informs us of earthquakes. However, there are days when we feel earthquakes that are not covered by TV or newspapers. There are also days when we have slight tsunami from earthquakes that occurred far away.

We tend to believe the ground beneath us is stationary, yet it moves all the time. Indeed, it seems to be alive. Sensorium staff realized this when we viewed a site for real-time earthquake observation. We were moved!

If we lay on the ground all day, could we feel the other side of the earth? If we could put the earth in our hands, what would we feel about the vibrating object?

We entertained such discussions as we developed the Breathing Earth, and then it was born.

The inside story of Breathing Earth

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